Injection Power® repair program for common rail pumps

For the implementation of a new COMMON RAIL PUMPS REPAIR SERVICE (Automotive Application: cars and commercial vehicles)

The repair program Injection Power® for common rail pumps, is modular on 3 levels:

1. PmpRepair is suitable for repair shops that have the need to interact with the pump and on the main components.

2. PmpCalibration, suitable for a complete overhaul of the service of any common rail pump installed on cars and commercial vehicles.

To operate with this module is necessary that the workshop is equipped with a test bench for mechanical diesel injection pumps.

The module also includes the training course for the use of the material supplied.

3.  PmpClinic, is suitable for workshops which are not yet equipped with a test bench for mechanical diesel injection pumps.

This is the basic module to be integrated with the module PmpCalibration for the calibration of the pumps Common rail.

Injection Power® pumps repair program is modular and can be completed at different steps, according to the requirements of the market in which the service operates.


The Repair pumps Module includes the supply of specific tools for the maintenance of common rail pumps Bosch, Delphi, Denso e Siemens-VDO. The main product included are:

- The universal working station equipped with a flange for all pumps

- Tool box for BOSCH CP3 pumps

- Others specific tools



The calibration pumps module includes:

ERT45R electronic Simulator with program for the test of the following pumps:

 -Bosch CP1,CP1H,CP3,CP4


 -Denso HP3, HP4

 -Siemens, VDO, Continental

Hydraulic connections set for the above indicated pumps

FL400A flow-meter for the continuous control of the flow and return

High pressure accumulator with pressure sensor 1500BAR, test oil thermometer and security valve

Mounting flanges for pumps

Driving couplings for pumps

Plexiglas cover

Training course



The module PmpClinic includes :

Test bench model SPP308 for testing diesel injection pumps ( not only common rail) till 8 cylinders.

Electronic speed control to obtain the double of the nominal power of the installed motor (7,5 kW - 10 HP).

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