Repair Program for CR Diesel fuel Injectors

Start Repair Instead of Exchange:
it is more convenient for the reapairer, but also for the engine owner!

Thanks to the InjectionPower Alliance a complete program is now available for the efficient and complete repair of the Automotive common rail injectors.

3 levels for a more calibrated investment



Suitable to vehicle repair shops that have the need to replace injectors presenting problems, with new or reconditioned ones.



Suitable to workshops who wish to interact with the injector and its main components; in particular the replacement of the nozzle and other spare parts.



The highest level of specialization.

Injector Clinic is the network of qualified service centers specialized in the complete overhaul of each diesel injector common rail and conventional as well.

The repair concept

Differently form other repairing strategies, the InjectionPower Repair program isolates each injector from the other components, to test one by one.

Atfer having proved the reaction quality of the injector, it makes sense to verify the operations of the electronically controlled sensors and actuators.

Application field

The full package includes the supply of tools and equipment required for testing and calibrating diesel common-rail injectors, both technologies: electromagnetic and piezoelectric applied in Automotive Industry (cars, vans, trucks, buses), all brands (Bosch, Delphi, Denso, VDO-Siemens-Continental).

Training facility is offered at Marbed premises in Italy as part of the full package.

Step-by-step approach

We do believe in modular solutions, because one size doesn't fit to all: everyone has different aspects to take care and we want to be able to help each one in the most appropriate way.

To fulfill all the aspects the complete program is necessary as a getting started package, but the program is modular; this means that if you have a special vision, the repair program can be tailored to your needs.


A specific white paper has been made available to introduce the recommened procedure to repair Bosch CRI injectors.

Common rail system

Common rail system

The purpose of the injector is to introduce the exact metered fuel quantity to the combustion chamber at the right timing and in the right quantity, at the right pressure. Tolerance are very very tight.

Basically the injector is an electronically controlled actuator having to timely react to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) parameters, in accordance of the vehicle working conditions and performance requests.


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